Sonic Device Center Stack Components

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Product Overview

  • Column Lock* – This metal (aluminum and stainless steel) fixture’s arms locks on to the Base/Fines Collector Holder, holding the Stack Assembly together for it to be placed into the sifter’s Test Chamber. Once inside the Test Chamber, the locking arms are released and tension holds the Stack Assembly in place during testing. The arms are then reengaged with the Base/Fines Collector Holder so the Stack Assembly can be removed from the sifter safely after testing.
  • Diaphragm – This latex disk encloses/covers the particles within the top cone so they do not escape. During testing, the column of air caused by the sonic wave’s effect on the membrane assists in the trying of particles. Diaphragms inevitably wear out over time and have expiration dates.
  • Top Cone – Clear acrylic funnel-like ring provides a loading area for of the test sample. It also assists in directing the sonic waves down the Column to best try the particles.
  • Acrylic Spacer (6 for full Stack) – This ƒ?" high clear acrylic ring are used as extenders when either the test material needs more space to move or to complete the Stack when there are not enough sieves being used (full stack required for the Column to lock).
  • Fines Collector – This latex pouch hangs at the bottom of the Stack and collects the finest particles. Fines Collectors inevitably wear out over time and have expiration dates.
  • Base/Fines Collector Holder – This sturdy aluminum base holds the Fines Collector and is an anchor in which the Column Lock connects to during transfer.

Complete Stack Assembly – includes: 1 Column Lock, 1 Diaphragm, 1 Top Cone, 6 Acrylic Spacers (sieves not included), 1 Fines Collector, and 1 Fines Collector Holder.

*BLACK top Column Locks are universal with the L3P and VariSifter. Older SILVER topped Column locks are obsolete and should be replaced with the newer design if used with the VariSifter.  

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review