Centerline® Sieve Certifications

When accuracy and traceability are vital components of your Quality Management System, certified sieves assure compliance with the ASTM E11 (American Society for Testing and Materials) specifications. Our Centerline® certification reports contain statistical data that is linked to each serialized sieve and provides detailed measurements traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Certification Grade Levels:

The current ASTM E11 specification includes three different grades - Compliance (certificate included with every sieve), Inspection and Calibration - for test sieves, wash sieves and woven wire cloth. The variety of sieve certification grades allows customers the ability to more precisely evaluate where their sieves lie in relation to the current E11 standards.

  • 200C – INSPECTION: Certificate contains inspection data from a percentage of apertures measured based on the ASTM E11 standards table providing a confidence level of 99.0% that each sieve is within the specifications.
  • 300C – CALIBRATION: Certificate data contains at least twice as many apertures measured than “Inspection” grade sieves, thereby providing the highest confidence level available of 99.73%.