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About Us

A Brief Look Back

Founded in 1970 to concentrate on products for materials testing used in industrial particle separation. The lead product among its offerings was the “Sonic Sifter” which became a favorite for quality control labs in the dry particle industry. Recognizing the need for high quality test sieves, the company began manufacturing and marketing materials testing equipment - ASTM E11 U.S. Standard test sieves under the ATM brand label.

Later, test sieve inspection and calibration certification reports meeting ASTM E11 and ISO 3310 specifications were pioneered as a result of requests from sieve and production screener customers for more exacting sieve tolerances.

In the early 1990s, the ATM Arrow® Testing Sieve Shaker (now known as DuraTap™) was added to round out our product line for the dry particle separation industry.

In 2002, we purchased a full-service machine shop adding vertical integration to our capabilities. Visit www.advantechmachining.com for more information on our machining, assembly and shipping services. Recognizing our broader capabilities, in 2002 we changed our name from ATM Corporation to Advantech Manufacturing.

May of 2011, we started producing the Meinzer II vibratory table top sieve shaker which complimented our existing product line consisting of the Sonic Sifter and DuraTap™.   The electromagnetic drive produces a simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement creating a gentle motion that mimics that of hand sieving processes.  This rugged yet lightweight, compact, and easy to use 8" or 200 mm sieve shaker makes it ideal for a variety of applications.  To learn more, please click here.

June of 2015, Advantech produced several informational and product How-To Videos show cased on YouTube. 

How We Intend to Get Where We're Going

Our goal as a company is to continually go beyond simply manufacturing for the particle sizing marketplace. We strive to provide real-time, real world solutions to meet - and exceed - your ASTM E11 and ISO 3310 material testing needs.

The Reason You're Here

If you're in the market for world-class sieve testing solutions, you've come to the right place. But with Advantech you get even more.

Customer support before, during and after the sale has always been the hallmark of Advantech, from application optimization and repair services, to replacement parts for all our products.  We believe in providing our customers with friendly and professional support staff.

Of course, everything we manufacture is a reflection of us. That's why we take great care to ensure quality with every test sieve or sieve shaker and with multiple points of inspection built into our process, customer know they are getting top-shelf reliability. Our test sieves and sieve shakers are always stocked and ready for shipping, helping you keep pace every day.


Minas y Concentradoras S.A.
Lima, Peru

Minas y Concentradoras S.A. has been an exclusive distributor of Advantech Manufacturing sieves and sieve shakers, primarily to the mining industry, in Lima, Peru for more than 20 years.

"In the many years we have represented Advantech products, we have not had one complaint from our customers. And the DuraTap Sieve Shaker is a very dependable, long lasting machine compared to other sieve shakers on the market and almost never uses spare parts. Nearly every company in Peru that uses a sieve has an Advantech sieve in their lab."

Eduardo Bolognesi


QCQA.com is a worldwide distributor of materials technology testing equipment used for quality control and assurance. Customers include small construction companies, universities and government agencies.

"The Advantech line of products is sold to a wide spectrum of our customers ranging from crushed aggregate producers to pharmaceutical companies. Regardless of their size, our commitment is firm and equal to those customers. Advantech is by our side, delivering quality products backed by solid customer support. Reliable partners like Advantech are a must in our business."

Fawaz Hamoui

World Screening, Inc.

World Screening, Inc. supplies vibrating screens, screening media and replacement parts throughout the United States and Latin America.

"It's important to our customers that they produce products that meet specific size requirements within very tight standards. We've partnered with Advantech Manufacturing to support our quality assurance product offering of test sieves and sieve shakers. We're pleased with Advantech's commitment towards quality and providing a wide range of sizes, on the shelf and ready to ship. In addition, we feel they offer the most efficient and reliable sieve shaker available in the marketplace to date."

Thad W. Schad

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